Key benefits

Why Cityschool has a claim to success

NFT online courses is developing technology that will allow authors to create NFT online courses. This will turn the online course into a real digital commodity and give you the opportunity to protect your intellectual property, share ownership of copyright, buy for yourself, donate or resell to another Holder and get income.

The educational ecosystem that works with blockchain

All services of are integrated with the social network and complement each other. Everything works as a single educational ecosystem that interacts tightly with blockchain.

Tokenization of user activity

The network rewards any likes, posts, blog posts, referral leads and other activity. Every active user of the educational social network receives CFD tokens to their crypto wallet, which can be exchanged for valuable assets.

Hybrid Social Marketplace Architecture

The online course marketplace integrated with a social network gives course owners great opportunities for new purchases and students. Hybrid Social Marketplace Architecture

Study groups

Study groups allow professional educators, training organizations, or teams to create an online school and sell educational services by subscription.

Referral program

The internal referral program allows everyone to earn money from popular online courses and attract new customers to promote new training products.

Finding and hiring a full-time tutor

The site for the sale of full-time tutoring services gives you the opportunity to find a full-time tutor for yourself or your children by proximity. It also allows professional tutors to find students.

Crowdfunding for educational projects

The internal crowdfunding service for raising funds for various educational projects.

Advertising system

An internal advertising system is a powerful tool for promoting educational services or online courses and getting an influx of new students or followers.

CFDD token can be a profitable investment

Because of the fixed issue and the growing demand, the value could rise significantly in the future.

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CFDD token

CFDD - governance token for equity distribution between CFD Team DAO partners.

The CFD Team is a community focused on launching and supporting commercial DApp projects and based on the principles of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Read more

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Distribution of collected funds

The funds raised will be used to cover the team's expenses for the next 9 months.

Functional improvement and further development.
Operating expenses
Liquidity and exchanges
Advertising campaign
Business Model

Sources of income Cityschool

  • Commission on sales of online courses.
  • Commission from the release of NFT courses.
  • Transaction fees on the NFT course trading platform.
  • Commission on sales of study group subscriptions.
  • Profit from the sale of Pro accounts.
  • Profits from the sale of advertising services to promote online courses and study groups, events and lendings.
  • Receipts from the rental of external advertising systems.
  • Farming CFD tokens.
Additional income

Income from other projects, services and services that the CFD Team sells.

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Income distribution

Income from all projects, services and services that the CFD Team sells will be used to cover operating expenses and pay dividends.

Dividend payment.
Project Development
Operating expenses
Liquidity and exchanges
Advertising campaign

Profit distribution

The distribution of profits is made in proportion to the share ownership of CFDD Tokens from the total volume of issuance.

Dividends are paid on the 15th of each month on the basis of a monthly report, which is published for all CFDD Token holders no later than the fifth day of each month.

What has already been built and where are we going?

Project roadmap

Q3 2021

Launching the project in beta mode.


Launching an educational social network.

Q4 2021

Launch a marketplace of online courses.


Launching online schools.


Launching a blockchain infrastructure for the functioning of the project.


Population by trainers of online courses.


The advertising campaign to attract trainers.

Q1 2022

Launch a blockchain infrastructure for the operation of NFT courses.


Commercial Launch.


The advertising campaign to attract trainers.


The advertising campaign to attract online schools.


The advertising campaign to attract students.

Q2 2022

Opening partner offices in several countries for customer support.

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